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Terms and Conditions

1. The customer may delay their shoot meeting date whenever in any capacity whatsoever as long as seven days before the date, yet after this date it should be a legitimate explanation, for example disorder, vehicle breakdown and so on. Delaying a shoot inside seven days of the date influences our capacity to work and as such I might possibly acknowledge the explanation as legitimate and consent to another date. The Petographer holds the privilege not to proceed with a shoot if a customer has requested that The Petographer is to delay the shoot (with what I consider an invalid explanation) inside 48 hours of the shoot date.

2. There are no base or most extreme number of pictures taken or distributed in any session. The Petographers need is quality and assortment over amount. Clients will receive the final edits only. These are the photographs that the photographer would like to have their name against. You may see scenarios being shot but may also not see the outcome of said shot as this is down to the photographers discretion.

3. On the off chance that nasty climate or other unfriendly conditions forestall the session fulfilling The Petographers imaginative guidelines, at that point we may choose to utilize a substitute area or to reschedule the meeting at no additional expense to yourself.


4. The welfare of the dogs is our paramount priority. We reserve the right to refuse to do a shoot if we feel a dog's welfare is in any way compromised.

5. Refunds are not offered, except if on an event where The Petographer can't finish the photography meeting, for reasons unknown. Or on the other hand, on the off chance that a canine turns out to be excessively sick for the shoot, at that point we can either offer a refund or you can gift the shoot to a companion and their canine.

6. The Client consenting to these terms and conditions warrants that the person in question has real position to consent to the utilization of the resemblance of all canines remembered for the photographs and will repay and protect The Petographer in case of any case emerging out of such use. Advanced records and reviews and copyright of pictures remain the select property of The Petographer.

7. Waiver of liability: customer explicitly delivers the picture taker, his representatives and specialists from all cases, harms, and liabilities that may result from mishaps or episodes that happen during the photograph meeting. This waiver of risk incorporates waiver of any case that might be an aftereffect of carelessness.

8. Who possesses the copyright? The Petographer holds copyright for every one of his pictures, aside from pre-concurred business shoots. On the off chance that you need to buy the copyright to your pictures please get in touch with The Petographer using the contact me link for additional data, in any case computerized pictures are sold on a PERSONAL USE LICENSE. Entering any images given in to any competitions as your own or to utilize them for any business reason is deemed as stealing. Please contact The Petographer if you wish to do just this.

9. By no means should any of the pictures be taken by methods of a screen capture. On the off chance that we find that they have been utilized this way where a customer has not paid for the pictures introduced to them, at that point legitimate move will be made. This is stealing.

10. Use of the pictures after the shoot. The Petographer maintains whatever authority is needed to utilize any picture taken on a shoot in advertising, regardless of whether this is on paper, online media, on my site, or in any distribution. Barring pictures which incorporate individuals.

11. Uldis (The Petographer) has the final say in what can and can't be shared. Going against his word will result in all images being removed and action taken upon the offender.

12. There is no minimum or maximum to how many images you (the client) will receive as a result of the shoot session. This is down to the discretion of the photographer at said shoot. You may see captures being posed and taken but may not see the final result due to the photographer not wanting this image out in public or his name against them.

13. There are no images given for free other than the free print that is on offer. Clients will have to purchase the images after viewing the results via their online gallery. If the photographer gives you any images for free, this is down to his discretion. A print pricing list will be given when the images are ready if not requested upon enquiring. 

14. Refunds are not given if you (the client) are unhappy with the results of the image(s). If you can explain correctly why you are unhappy with the images and the photographer agrees with you, then re-edits will be done to rectify your issues. There may be a time where a free re-shoot is offered but this again is down to the photographers discretion. 

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