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Why did I choose dog photography as a career...

I suppose that’s a question everyone asks themselves at some point in their life’s, “why did I choose this as my career?”.

Well I suppose I chose photography the subject as a whole when I started college. I attended Leicester College to study Photography at a National Diploma level. Prior to this I was already into photography from about the age of 12 so you could say I already had a “foot” in the door and a little knowledge. After completing my degree, I actually had nothing to do with photography, I went straight into work as a surface mount technician. Did this for around 2 years and then found my way into IT which I did for about 9 years. Never actually studied for IT, I just knew about computers.

On the side of all these jobs/years, I still photographed as a hobby, mainly landscapes and nature but never even thought about photographing dogs let alone even start a business and sell my work.

Jump to 2020 and my wife lands a job as a dog trainer. Well I would be lying if I didn’t say this jump started my eye on dog photography because it so did!

I was only really taking pictures of our own dog and a few friends dogs but then had a light bulb moment, “why don’t I give back and not waste what I’ve put all my hard work into learning what I know today”. So there it was, the start of The Petographer. I mean don’t get me wrong there was a lot more to my story but you get the idea, plus don’t want to bore you to much.

Now were in 2021 and The Petographer is finally a limited company and hoping to make big things happen!

Read on why I chose dog photography as my career
Why is this my career...

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