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We have Ambassadors!...

So if you haven't seen on our social media sites and as the title states, we now have 2 new brand ambassadors for The Petographer.

I would like to introduce, Ted and Meg.

They are both Working Gun Dogs, with Meg being in training currently.

Ted is the Fox Red Labrador who is 3 years old and Meg is the Black Labrador who is 8 months old.

Meg is the daughter of Ted and she is learning day by day.

Why Did I Choose These Two?

Well that's pretty simple really, just look at them both!

They're absolutely stunning dogs (personal opinion), they are so well behaved and do everything I require them to do when needed.

Fox Red Labrador posing looking through tress in nature

We have so much planned with these two for this year and for many years to come.

They are a great asset to our brand name and carry it well.

I'm not going to ruin the surprises that are coming, so for now we shall leave it there with the introductions and stay tuned either via our website or on our social media (links below)for daily updates and exciting captures that follow.

Stay Pawsome!

- The Petographer

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