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I’m The Petographer,
a dog photographer based in the picturesque countryside of Leicestershire in The East Midlands.

I'm here as your professional photographer to capture those pet portraits for you to cherish forever.


I am a dog photographer based in Leicestershire. I have always been a dog lover and have found joy in being able to combine both photography and dogs. My passion for photography has spanned over 15 years and I pride myself in working closely with the client and their furry friend to get an awe-inspiring final product. Get in touch using the contact form below, or give me a call or text as I always enjoy hearing all about your best friend.


Dog outside on a haybail in the sunrise. Dog photography outdoors

I will keep things moving to the dogs pace so that we can keep your canine friend entertained at all times. 
This results in fantastic, natural photographs.

Once we've exchanged pleasantries and discussed dates, I will keep in constant contact with you to go through the finer details and to also discuss a suitable location.
On the date of our session, we will meet at the location and go for a nice walk as you would do normally with your dog.
The session will take anywhere between 1-2 hours depending on the subject's performance.

As soon as the session is over, I will head back and start the process of editing the images. This is where I will bring the images to life.
You will be invited to a viewing of your images either in the comfort of your own home or online via a meeting request.
You will (depending on the package chosen) have the opportunity to discuss the images and have the option to purchase any of them in different styles and formats.

The most common being something out of my Wall Art Collection.

If you have any questions regarding the session or the booking process then please do get in touch with me either by phone, email, or using our contact form below.

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Corporate Businesses

American Bulldog in a studio setting white


If natural woodland shots are not what you are looking for then we do offer a Studio setup.

Here we can get really close and personal with your dog and have some real fun.


We even come to you!

Please use the contact form below if you would like to find out more information.

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Boarder Collie on a hay bail in a field

2021 Award Winning image presented by The Guild of Photographers

Springer Spaniel jumping mid air Bronze award winning
Award winning photo of fox red lab
award winning photograph of fox red lab and black lab by the petographer